Psychologist in Laurieton

medical centre in Laurieton

Confidential and Reassuring Help

medical centre in Laurieton

Confidential and Reassuring Help

Our psychologist in Camden Haven is someone you can talk to in confidence about anything that may be troubling you.

Your Family Practice is a safe place where you can speak freely and be heard without judgment

Depression, anxiety and stress are not uncommon. You have no reason to delay seeking help from a psychologist.

Phobias, OCD, panic & PTSD are manageable disorders in the hands of an accomplished, caring mental health professional.

The process of improving your life can, and should, start as soon as possible.

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Post Partum Depression — Your Family Practice in Laurieton, NSW

Perinatal Support

Expectant mothers, fraught with fear and trepidation, will be pleased to know about our Perinatal Support Program.

If your experience in the lead-up to the birth of your child is overly stressful, anxious, or weighed down by depression Your Family Practice is here for you.

In the early days after giving birth (usually 7-10 days), up to 80 per cent of mothers experience the ‘baby blues’—feeling teary, sad, or irritable. This usually only lasts a couple of days.

If you’re still feeling down after two weeks, please get in touch with Your Family Practice.

A number of mental health disorders are unique to the perinatal period, including:

  • Depression – antenatal and/or postnatal (just under 15% of mothers, up to 10% of fathers)
  • Anxiety disorders – antenatal and/or postnatal
  • Postpartum psychosis*

*Postpartum psychosis is rare (no more than 2 in 1000 mothers). However, it is a psychiatric emergency and medical attention should be sought immediately.

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