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Post Natal Support in Laurieton NSW

Our Post Natal and Antenatal Care for Camden
Haven parents is under the care of a qualified
Your Family Practice is your safe place where you’ll
be listened to without judgement. You’ll be able to
talk freely and in confidence to our psychologist
about whatever might be troubling you.
Bulk billing is available here, so seeing our
psychologist is as easy as booking an appointment.
Depression, anxiety, & stress are all manageable
with the help of a caring mental health professional.

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Therapy — Your Family Practice in Laurieton, NSW

Perinatal Support

Perinatal Support, at Your Family Practice in Laurieton, is now available to help you deal with any of the psychological problems associated with childbirth.

Experiencing anxiety or depression leading up to, or following, the birth of your child is neither shameful or uncommon.

The ‘baby blues’—feeling irritable or sad—affects up to 80% of mothers in the early days following childbirth. This generally lasts only a few days. If you continue to feel blue after two weeks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Your Family Practice.

Perinatal issues include:

  • Depression—antenatal and/or postnatal—affects almost 15% of mothers and 10% of fathers
  • Anxiety disorders—antenatal and/or postnatal
  • Postpartum psychosis*

*Postpartum psychosis—although affecting no more than 2 in 1000 mothers, needs urgent medical intervention.

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