Dietician for Better Health in Laurieton

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Dietician for Better Eating Habits

A one-on-one consultation with our dietician at Your
Family Practice in Laurieton is a long-term
investment in better health outcomes. You’ll get
practical, achievable, individualised dietary advice
and support.

Considering that you wouldn’t expect to drive your
car for too long after putting litres of chicken soup
in the fuel tank, it would be foolish to think just any
food is fit for your consumption.

The ‘take-away’ from your session with our
dietician will include personalised meal planning for
your dietary needs, as well as helpful educational
materials and handouts. Diet is not all about weight issues and it’s far
removed from a one-size-fits-all plan.

We might be eating the same foods as everyone
else, but most of us have distinctly different
metabolisms and reactions to the food we eat.